At 17 Kim was extremely frustrated. Her friends were using drugs and alcohol or focusing on relationships with guys. She felt alone in her search for answers. A Christian girl in her marching band at Killian High School in Miami, Florida, USA, invited her to a pizza party after school. The speaker shared a message that seemed to be specifically for her.All of his answers matched my questions. I discovered my purpose that day. I had never been with a bunch of teens talking about something bigger than them. I needed that.”

Today at 29, Kim’s training is in nursing but her passion for youth has led her to become the youth leader at Kendall Community Church of God. She recently applied to be one of the first participants in Youth for Christ’s Miami Youth Leadership Initiative, which trains church youth leaders to effectively reach youth with the Gospel. During her interview she shared her testimony and realized that she had come full circle with Youth for Christ. Unbeknownst to her, the meeting she had attended in 1997 at Killian High was a Youth for Christ event.

The same ministry that was instrumental in bringing her to Christ is now helping her reach youth for Him!