Kenyan Converts By the Thousands; Hear Stories from Two

Great things are happening in Kenya!

A concert was organised and young talented artists from Kibera slum area were invited by Youth for Christ to showcase their talents. Most of them were not Christians. At the end of the concert, a young man gave a powerful message of Christ and many young people were saved.

These young people chose to follow Christ because you gave. 7,967 young people in Kibera were reached with the gospel.  3,678 of them gave their lives to Christ with 5,792 pledging to stay sexually pure.

A Youth for Christ staff person recently sent these testimonies from two other ministries of Youth for Christ in Kenya:

  • A young woman stood up to give her testimony at the year-end party. “I was desperate when I joined the Rehab Centre. I had my little son and I didn’t know what to do. I learned many skills that I am now using to help take care of my son and myself. More importantly, I got a sponsor to help me go back to school. I am now in grade 8, going to grade 9. I am very grateful to God.”
  • A young man stood in front of a high school classroom, facilitated a topic on sexuality and was bombarded by many questions. Eventually he gave his story and said, “I was sexually active too, but I came to my senses. I learned about my body, learned skills to say no, and more importantly, I have Christ in my life who gives me strength to say no.”