Kenya Reaching Criminals, Slums, Disabled Young Mothers, and More


As a National Director one has many hats to wear.  One of my favourites is  visiting staff in the field in a supportive role.  In June, I visited the Nakuru ministry site, which currently has one staff, Tabitha, and two part-time volunteers.  Previously Tabitha had felt inadequate and overwhelmed about meeting the ministry needs of the youth in Nakuru; this time she was joyful and excited about the ministry. I wondered what caused the change.  She told me that God had given her an idea of effective ministry that saw her reach six entire school populations, through training peer educators in each school in weekly sessions.  I was amazed at what God was doing through her.  My last question to her was, “What is your passion?”, to which she answered, “Talking with the youth about their sexuality, about abstinence and sexual purity.”  I could see the gleam in her eyes as she said this.

I praise God for staff like Tabitha, who are passionate about their ministry with the young people.  The Lord has blessed with a delightful group of staff and volunteers who desire to see young lives changed.

-Anna Mumbua Musya



Hantony Mwendwa

Meru volunteers ready for a mime presentation and a class session on abstinence.

Since school ministry began at Kaaga Boys, many students were confused and not knowing what to do with their lives.  We started Worth the Wait abstinence program at the school and since then the counselling teacher tells us the boys are continually  changing because of the impact of the program.  Many of the boys have received Christ and improved in their academic work.  I wish we had started this program earlier, but God’s time is the best.’

Elizabeth Wanjiku, who works alongside Hantony in Meru has this to say: “I thank God for the opportunity to be in… Meru, I didn’t know where to begin. It was a new town to me, no friends, no relatives and even a new language for me but I have seen God provide miraculously.  Some days I have gone without food, but I still have strength to move on.  He sends people to work and provide for the ministry in so many ways.  HE IS MY JEHOVAH JIREH.”

Prayer request: Pray for the schools where ministry is going on. Some of the challenges include rape, pregnancy, lesbianism, and devil worship.


John Miere, coordinator

“Achilia silaha, Shikilia Talanta” is a ministry in the Kibera slums to reach criminals –  people considered dangerous by the community. A weekly Bible study with a group numbering  between 12-25 men.  One day three gang members were shot, one of whom had been coming to the Bible study. A fourth person who was with them at the time of the shooting ran away and came to me in great fear because he had just seen his friends shot and killed.  He was coming to Bible study regularly but had not yet given his life to Jesus. That night he became a brother in Christ!

Praise:  Miraculous provision of new metal stairs to upper level of the ministry centre.

Prayer Request: Pray that youth in Kibera will exhibit transformed lives during upcoming general elections.

Crisis Pregnancy Ministries

Jane Wambugu, Nairobi

I counselled a pregnant, disabled girl who already had a child and during counselling she changed her mind from adoption to parenting.  We got her a wheelchair from a church outreach program and are also following up with City Council regarding a kiosk where she can start selling items from the Rehab Centre among other things, to to help support herself and her children.

This, and other stories like the one below, encourage us to continue with ministry to those who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy.

She sits in her chair with downcast eyes—she can’t look at you, some years ago she aborted her baby. Having a child would have  interrupted her schooling but now—depression. So many years she had been told she is not loveable and now feels that even God cannot love her because of what she has experienced at the hands of men who used her and her own wrong doing.

But is she beyond hope? She relates to the woman caught in adultery and Jesus’ words ‘Neither do I condemn you’ – slowly her countenance changes as the Holy Spirit begins to soothe the pain of years of verbal and even physical abuse.

Your support has enables us to often a listening ear to hope to this young woman. Thank you!

Counselling Team

Martha Anne Bwore, Coordinator

‘Maggie, an 18-year-old student at the Crisis Pregnancy Rehab centre, came in January, a shy girl with low self-esteem.  She could barely read a Bible passage in morning devotions—today she happily plans morning devotions and leads them.  She is still shy but is growing more confident. With that comes lots of life skills lessons that she has gone through, continuous counselling, as well as learning how to make certain products for sale. Our desire for her is that she will be able to start her own small business, making items for sale from the lessons she has learnt.


Boniface Moseti

I thank God for what He has done in one of our volunteers who when he first started attending Bible study wasn’t born again.  Through interaction and Bible study he gave his life to Christ.  He became a volunteer and joined a local church where he was mentored and now is the youth leader and a member of the praise and worship group.

Taraja Boys Home

Robert Karanja

Tomatoes grow in the greenhouse that a donor helped raise funds for last year and the first harvest is expected in October. We thank God for His faithfulness in helping us establish this income-generating project. Funds from the harvest will help meet some costs at the home, but also to start another greenhouse .

Currently, 20 primary school boys are under care at the home. We parent and pay school fees for one boy in university and nine in high school, two who are candidates this year. Pray for them as the prepare for Form 4 exams.

How can you pray?

  • For successful planning of the upcoming annual Fundraising Dinner.
  • For new workers – volunteers/interns to serve with next year for a year of ministry.
  • For continued impact in the lives of the young people that God daily gives to minister to.