Katalyst Trains Youth Leaders, IGNITE! Draws Youth to Worship

Katalyst Youth Leaders Training 2012

Youth for Christ in Lebanon is very pleased to be part of a wonderful network called the Near East Initiatives. Youth for Christ facilitated the Youth Track Initiative and joined seven like minded youth organizations for this second youth leader training conference in Beirut, newly named “Katalyst”.

Dan & Suzie Potter

With over 125 delegates from Lebanon, S**** and Jordan the group enjoyed three and a half days of fun learning with EduTainers Dan and Suzie Potter from the US, and benefitted from the expertise of youth worker and Principal of Oasis College in the UK, Paul Fenton, on the subject of mentoring.

This was a significant time for the Youth for Christ team to participate in teaching workshops, to showcase some creative worship and to meet with, encourage and equip their local youth leaders. It was a great opportunity for the leaders to meet each other, to network and share ideas whilst learning.

A follow up day is planned for May, where leaders can continue training and providing tools and resources, as well as planning some visits to the churches and youth workers serving in various different areas of the country outside of Beirut and potentially outside of Lebanon. Youth for Christ’s desire is to help train and equip those who are reaching the youth of the Middle East for Jesus!


In January 2012 Youth for Christ began a Sunday night worship evening called IGNITE!  Once a month, young people are invited for fellowship, corporate worship and relevant teaching from a number of guest speakers.  The first night drew over fifty people together.

The vision is that the teens who are not yet part of a local church fellowship, would not only experience the positive aspects of Christian  community, but that they would connect with other young church going believers who can naturally develop friendships and relationships with them and build bridges with their local church congregations.  This offers young people a non-threatening introduction to “church” where they can hopefully get plugged into a local congregation.