Join Us or Die

Majoqui had just turned 13 when the local Mara leaders recruited him. He really didn’t have much of a choice. Either he would have to join the gang or he and his family would die. In the first week with the Maras, Majoqui’s loyalty was brutally tested—he was given a gun and forced to take the life of another boy who had tried to escape the gang. Majoqui is now deeply entrenched in the gang culture with seemingly no way to escape the soul destroying violence and depravity.

El Salvador is one of the most violent countries in the world, with one of the highest murder rates. 44,000 young people are gang members and 800,000 children and youth are directly influenced by the Maras. Nine out of ten people who die each year are youth aged 15 to 17.

In the context of this horrible situation Youth for Christ is developing a new national ministry. The team has developed a prevention program that focuses on character reinforcement, family integration, sports and vocational workshops—all in the context of God’s Kingdom values and infused with a message of hope and love.

To enable this Salvadoran team—and many other Youth for Christ pioneers around the world—to follow their dreams and reach into nations and communities that desperately need what they have to offer, your support and encouragement is vital. Thousands of Godly, sacrificial, courageous young people are ready to be mobilised. Please join in equipping and deploying young agents of change in El Salvador and beyond.

World Changers – a growing community of followers of Jesus who through their collective investment of $25 per month pioneer ministry in new nations, mobilise “world-changing” young leaders and bring about enormous change for good in the world.