Jesus in the Midst of Trouble

We can only say that this mobilization is the work of God…” – Youth for Christ Moldova

Over five million Ukrainian refugees have flooded over the borders into neighboring nations. Many have experienced horrific things, left family members behind, lost loved ones, and had their homes and cities destroyed.

Youth for Christ, with outreach in Ukraine and all the neighboring nations, has mobilized to do all it can to help those who have fled. Our team is being the hands and feet of Jesus in the midst of trouble.

Youth for Christ Slovakia is currently hosting over 100 refugees in their mission center in Kralova Lehota, and 125 at other locations.

Our team in Romania is hosting refugees in their conference center in the homes of some of their staff, and in their campsite. One family shared that, as the first bombs fell on their city and they fled looking for a safe place, they eventually found one through Youth for Christ Romania. “They saved our lives,” said the mother.

In Moldova, Youth for Christ has opened their hearts and borders for the refugees from Ukraine. They pick up refugees at the border, provide shelter, food, clothes, supplies and much more.

Youth for Christ Hungary is also transporting refugees from the border, finding and providing accommodation, providing food, bringing warm clothes, blankets and food to the border, and providing interpreters.

In Poland, Youth for Christ has been working to help establish children’s nurseries for refugee children close to the refugee center in Warsaw.

The team in the Netherlands is also receiving people from Ukraine. Lena, a Day Center Regional Coordinator in the Ukraine, fled to the Netherlands in a bus together with some friends and 19 day center children, some without parents. The town of Novograd Volinsky, where they lived and ministered to children, had been shelled. Lena had to leave her husband and foster son behind in Ukraine.

With courage and conviction some of Youth for Christ Ukraine’s staff have remained in the Ukraine. “We will stay and keep the doors open for the youth and children,” said one.

Youth for Christ Ukraine has been actively serving young people for more than 20 years. Teen clubs, day centers, camps, leadership development, a conference center, and ministry to at-risk youth are just a few of the ministry programs they provide. Today, the Youth for Christ office and conference center in Irpin is destroyed, along with many homes and other offices and facilities, yet ministry to Ukrainian young people continues both within and outside the nation.

Ukrainian children, hearing the simple signals of cars, still shudder and begin to cry hysterically, thinking that these are air raid sirens,” said Andriy Kostyshyn, Youth for Christ Ukraine National Director. “We understand that any comfort will not cure these injuries. Only in Christ can one find peace. Please continue to pray for us so that we may not give up, and so that we may be ready to share the Light which the Lord has given us.