Japan Relief Update FROM EAST COAST (TOHOKU)

Just three months after Japan’s devastating earthquake and the area looks deceptively calm and quiet. The worst turmoil is happening in the hearts of the people, especially those who lost loved ones. From a distance it appears that life for some is carrying on well, but upon closer look it’s obvious there is deep pain in need of healing. For others, like Shun, a man I recently met, even from a distance the grief is obvious and overwhelming. Shun was at work in a sawmill when the quake hit. He and his coworkers were cut off from everything, with power and bridges both being cut off. Rescuers came after two days, at which time Shun went to find his family and his home, all of which he could only find the remains. In the midst of his own personal grief, he is now volunteering in a refuge for 500 people.

The Youth for Christ family is sending food to the refuge, and a church in Tokyo will be sending a Japanese family to plant a church this summer and Youth for Christ will help with their youth work, as well as possibly begin new Youth for Christ ministry in the area.

Manna Projects 1 (Bikes and trailers) and 2 (Cards from Youth for Christ in Hong Kong and Cargo carts) are going well. The gifts sent are not very expensive, but very rare in the area, so students and teachers always say, “Wow! It is much more fascinating than we expected. Thank you very much. We will use it carefully.” This is a good start to building relationships.

Manna Project 3

Thank you for your prayers as God opens the gate for Manna Project 3. Some schools are welcoming the Manga (cartoon) Bible in their school library. This is exciting because most public junior high schools do not accept Christian books in their library. We will also offer these schools an opportunity to have the Christian Art Company perform some Bible stories through music and dance. Our hope is that the students can hear good messages about the love of God and they will be interested in reading the Bible and applying its message.


  • For planting a church or a youth group in the local community.
  • For people inthe refuge site. Many of them lost their families and continue living in the refuge. Please pray for God’s healing and comfort upon them.
  • For finding volunteer drivers to bring goods and food to the disaster area.
  • For the cooperation with the local churches.

by Endo Kazunori Japan National Director

Edited by Sharron Wilen