A Huge Return on Investment!

IsidoreIsidore, along with 300 other young leaders from 82 nations, was sponsored to attend Youth for Christ’s young leaders’ conference in South Africa in 2008. He was then provided with a scholarship to participate in a two-year leadership development and empowerment program.

Upon completion of the program, Isidore was assigned to pioneer the Youth for Christ ministry in Byumba, Northern Rwanda. Besides working diligently to learn Rukiga, the language unique to the region, Isidore also enrolled in English classes and evening lectures at the local University in Byumba. He is currently studying to be a social worker.

In the past year, Youth for Christ in Byumba has built seven houses for homeless widows and started two self-help projects for young people, where youth in the program work together to buy and raise animals and grow crops so that they can meet their basic needs.

 Investing in one dynamic young leader has resulted in nearly 200 other young people being mobilized, over 10,000 people being served and provided with an opportunity to follow Jesus, and a whole region in Rwanda being impacted by the transformational power of the Kingdom of God. What a huge return on investmentImagine the return on investment if we developed and deployed thousands of young leaders like Isidore globally.

Youth for Christ currently has ministry in 128 nations and in every one of these nations we have identified gifted, Godly young leaders, who with a little support from us, will be able to realize their full potential.

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