Isaac Isaac, pictured here (middle) at fourteen years old, started coming to Youth for Christ after his classmate Micah invited him, three months before summer camp in July. First, he started attending Rock Solid club every month. Then, he decided to go to the summer camp, and there, he was given a “fuel meter” card where he was asked to place the needle of that fuel meter to show how close he was getting to God. This is when he says he seriously started considering his relationship with Jesus and wanted to get closer and closer to Him. So after camp, Isaac tried not to do bad things anymore, he started praying more, and wanted to please God.

He says of his Youth for Christ experience in Lebanon:

“Coming to Rock Solid changed me. It not only changed my relationship with God but also affected all the aspects of my life. For example, I came to Rock Solid once after the New Year and the topic was about making resolutions for the next year. I decided to study more and I passed all my subjects the next term. I am more and more committed to my music training. I became part of the Ignite band and love listening to the YFC band playing during worship time. Also, I always come to Rock Solid club. I made more friends and I love all the games and fun we have. I am learning more about God, too: all the superheroes in the Bible. Daniel for instance: I didn’t know much about him, but now I know his whole story. I love all Youth for Christ activities, and I am more and more involved. I like to go and help out with the food packing for Syrian refugees. I love it all so much I invited my sister Hedra, who is 12 years old and now comes with me to Rock Solid. I have two other siblings who are 4 and 6 years old and one day, I’ll bring them to YFC too!”