International Soccer Tournament

Friendship between real people is stronger than any differences between countries!

On January 24-26, 2020 Minsk hosted the annual International Christmas Soccer Indoor Tournament. 10 teams and over 90 youth came representing four countries: Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. 28 matches were played, 79 goals were scored. This year all participants showed much higher professional level than in previous years. All teams played at relatively the same level.

FIFA referee Olga Pavlyut refereed the Tournament alongside three judges of the first category. The hallmark of the Tournament is that it’s a good friendly atmosphere on and off the field. The participants kept noting that. Before each game, both teams, along with the chaplains and referees gathered in a circle and prayed. Football players from opposite teams constantly encouraged each other. This was especially noticeable during the final, when the team from Zaporizhya supported compatriots from Chernigiv. An interesting fact: the Russian
team Dobro invited the Ukrainian team Vybir to a sauna. Friendship between real people is stronger than any differences between countries!

The main chaplain of the Tournament was four-time IronMan Geordon Rendle, who came with his son Joshua. Joshua has become a legionnaire in the Belarusian team “Veino”.
Jordan prayed with the players, communicated with the teams, shared the Gospel and his experience of personal relationships with God at interactive programs. Pastor Sergey Sukhover also shared his personal testimony and a Christian rap. As a result, several football players invited Jesus in their hearts and prayed a prayer of repentance.

The victory in the Christmas Tournament 2020 belongs to the Malinovka-4 team from Minsk.