Indian Youth “Tuning In” to God

Tune In

To tune in to God’s voice, we must tune out of this world’s noise.

‘Tune In’ started in April 2010, and since then this event has consistently been a blessing to everybody involved, especially the youth. Everything the Youth for Christ team does – the music, skits, videos and games – are all geared to the times so the young people will “tune in” to the Lord.  It provides a place where the youth can discover and polish their God given talents, as well as be motivated and challenged to live for the Lord and share the love of Christ with their own friends.

Outreach Programs

In August, 180 young people attended the ‘Friendship Day’; in November, 120 attended the ‘Unplugged’ event; and in February, 110 attended ‘Valentine’s Day’.

May God continue to bless these exciting ministry outreaches for His glory!

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Youth for Christ as they plan to start Tune-In in South Delhi.
  • Please pray for staff as they minister through Vacation Bible Schools in different places, and for all the children and families who will be involved.
  • Please pray for the young people attending the Discipleship camp and the Leadership camp this summer, as well as for our summer projects this month.
  • Please pray for those who are struggling with various health concerns, and for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • Please pray for the Lord to meet financial needs, and bless the Youth for Christ annual staff conference.
  • Praise God for new openings, successful retreats, and all the opportunities to share the Word of God with the young people across India.