How Your Donations Are Helping Ukraine

Your contribution to help with Youth for Christ's humanitarian and rebuilding efforts for Ukraine is greatly appreciated.


How Youth for Christ is Helping

  • YFC Slovakia is currently hosting 75 refugees in their mission centre in Kralova Lehota (see photo). It is now clear that they can accommodate another group of 35 refugees and a group of 90 refugees at other locations.
  • YFC Romania is hosting refugees in their hotel/conference centre Poarta Oilor, in the guesthouse of some of their staff, and in their partner campsite – Camp Falcon Rock. They also help with: transporting refugees and transporting medicine and food. Most refugees in Romania are in transit.
  • YFC Moldova have opened their hearts and borders for the refugees from Ukraine. They pick up refugees at the border, provide shelter, food, clothes, supplies and so much more. They also help to forward refugees to other countries. The situation is overwhelming there, but they are working hard with different partners to do as much as possible. So far, they have:
    – Prepared 50 accommodation/sleeping places
    – Equipped six hot food preparation points near the Ukrainian border
    – Facilitated the transportation of refugees
    We can only say that this mobilization is the work of God – no one was left indifferent to the trouble of our neighbours, the working hours have exceeded and each one is ready to serve with whatever is necessary.
  • YFC Hungary is busy coordinating the large flow of refugees. Their main activities are: transport from the border; finding and providing accommodation for them; for those who continue their journey to another country, they help them to find the right place; they help with the paperwork – passport, residence permit, registration; provide food, bring warm clothes, blankets and food to the border; provide interpreters.Atilla Hallasz (national director of YFC Hungary, seen in photo) travels twice a week to Ukraine to bring supplies that are badly needed at the moment: clothes, food, medicine, bedding, washing machine, tumble dryer – because bed linen dries very slowly. Please pray for protection.
  • YFC Poland‘s National Director Krzysztof is busy with a plan for helping the refugee situation in Warsaw. A businessman in his church has set up a children’s nursery area in a building close to a refugee centre. YFC Poland would like to work with him to establish a second one initially, with the possibility of others in the future. The centre would be open for 9 hours per day, and would be staffed by Ukrainians, who YFC Poland will train. This will give the Ukrainians some income, and some training that may help them find employment in the future. If any of YFC Ukraine’s day centre workers arrive in Warsaw this could be a good possibility for them. The centre would accommodate 40 kids at a time. This will be good for both the mental health of the children and their parents (mainly mothers there).
  • YFC Netherlands is also receiving YFC staff from Ukraine. Lena, a YFC Day Center regional coordinator, fled to the Netherlands in a bus together with some friends and 19 children, some without parents (seen in the photo above). Lena had to leave her husband and foster son behind in Ukraine. The town of Novograd Volinsky where they lived and ministered to children was shelled. They arrived safely in the Netherlands and are now being taken good car of. Lena and Saskia van Helden, from YFC Netherlands will start sending messages and prayers via social media for the women and children in Ukraine – to those who are on the run and women and children who are taken care of in the border countries. Also Sasha Dubinin’s wife and son are on their way to the Netherlands at this moment while Sasha stays in Ukraine. Mike has ministered with Sasha for many years.
  • With the assistance of your donations, we have been able to provide each of the 11 staff of YFC Ukraine with tactical backpacks, including an extensive first aid kit and electronics (for internet access and communication), to serve the needs around them.
  • YFC International’s European regional office is managing distribution, oversight, and stewardship of donations being received from Youth for Christ programs and donors around the world. You can help us raise resources to support hundreds of people. $20 per day provides food and shelter for one YFC Ukraine staff or volunteer who is displaced in Slovakia.
  • Rebuilding efforts. Youth for Christ Ukraine has been actively serving young people for more than 20 years. Teen clubs, day centres, camps, leadership development, a conference center, ministry to at-risk youth are just a few of the ministry programs that will need help rebuilding. We know that the YFC office and conference center in Irpin have been destroyed; it is likely that homes, offices, and other facilities have been or will be also. Youth for Christ is collecting donations now so that we are not only meeting the current needs related to evacuations and needs within Ukraine during the crisis, but also we are well-positioned to help Ukraine rebuild afterward.|
  • Serving youth and families who have been unable to evacuate. The courage and conviction displayed by our colleagues who have chosen to stay and help is inspiring.

We will stay and keep the doors open for the youth and children.” – YFC Ukraine Staff Member

Youth for Christ staff in other Eastern European countries are organizing assistance for those leaving the combat zone. Donations received will help supply each person receive the following ($535 USD per person):

•  Sleeping place  – 1,000 hryvnias
•  Funds for renting an apartment for 3 months. – UAH 12,000
•  Sleeping bag – UAH800
•  Hygiene products – UAH 600
•  First aid kits – UAH 600
•  Non-perishable products – UAH 700


Update (4 April 2022)

Click here to read the latest update from YFC EMENA

Update (11 March 2022)

Click here to read the latest update from YFC Ukraine

How You Can Pray

  1. Pray for the young people of Ukraine. Many of their families are being separated as the young men are being sent to fight to defend their country. Many of the teen boys who attended Youth for Christ camps as recently as last summer are probably fighting now. Some may lose their lives.
  2. Pray for our YFC Day Center volunteers. Most of them are in Ukraine. They visit families, provide their homes for refugees, distribute food and medicine. Many of them are in Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk. These are places with active hostilities.

  3. Pray for our YFC Ukraine staff. Some are in Ukraine and some are in Slovakia. They are organizing the evacuation of the population to five European countries.

  4. Pray for Kherson, Kharkiv, Mariupol and regions. There is a humanitarian catastrophe, people are running out of food, and there are no medicines. Cities are constantly being shelled and there is no way to leave. (Note: Youth for Christ Ukraine’s English camp was in Kharkiv last summer. The city is in ruins from the attacks.)

  5. Pray for one of our volunteers in the Donetsk region. She recently gave birth and is now in the hospital.

  6. Pray that we can evacuate as many people as possible.