Hope For The Less Fortunate

Cynthia last experienced the father's love when she was six months. Her father quit her mother when she was a baby. Years later he died...

Cynthia last felt the warmth of her father’s arms when she was six months old, before he broke up with her mother. Later on, he died. She has been in the care of her single mother ever since; she is  now 18. Her mother, without a job tried to make ends meet. There was no hope that such a poor family would ever get quality education for Cynthia.

Cynthia and her mother attended the same church with Jean Baptiste, the National Director, YFC/Rwanda. Jean knew well their struggles and brought Cynthia to Kigali Christian School and secured sponsorship (scholarship) for her at the end of 2006 to study at Kigali Christian school.

Twelve years later, she is now in grade 12.  Cynthia is one of the brightest students in one of the best schools in Rwanda, with a dream to become a medical doctor.

Cynthia is not only a very brilliant student. She is also a leader. She likes to help her classmates to know better the subjects that they are learning. At Church, she is also a leader of a music team. She is very active in church and at school.

Cynthia remembers the days when there was no food in the house, and all that the mum packed for her lunch at school was black tea. Those were dark and difficult days. When Kigali Christian School started the Lunch program, that changed the fortunes for the young Cynthia. The love that she experiences at school is a big deal for her.

Cynthia is one student among hundreds who found love, care and hope at a tender age when all seemed dark and hopeless. This was made possible because of the loving staff at Kigali Christian School, because of people like yourself who help Youth For Christ in Rwanda to get more sponsors for more kids from poor families, and because of people who have helped us to build more classrooms and school facilities for the kids. To all of you, thank you.

Thank You

You’ve motivated Cynthia plus hundreds of other unnamed kids to pursue their dreams through the sponsorship program at Kigali Christian School. Because of your donations, Youth for Christ Rwanda is reaching many less privileged kids in Rwanda with quality Christian education, awakening a new hope in the hills.


Our Dream

Youth for Christ Rwanda longs to see that many other kids from poor families get to enjoy the opportunity like Cynthia’s. To realize this dream, YFC Rwanda is operating Kigali Christian Schools. Through the sponsorship program, kids’ dreams are being realized, irrespective of their background.

Pray With Us

We need to add more classrooms and a dormitory to our existing schools. At the same time, our leadership and discipleship ministry among the youth needs your prayers and support. It is even so important now at a time when many Churches are still closed. We need to do much more in our ministry than what we used to do.

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