Hispanic Teen Asks To Meet Jesus in Jail

by John Selph, Senior Ministry Advisor, Juvenile Justice Ministries (YFC/USA)

(Metro Chicago) Juvenile Detention is no place to be for the holidays but many young people found themselves there waiting for court dates and the hope of being released. Others in the transfer unit will be going to adult prison on their 18th birthday. One young man who is going to prison for a long time spotted a new Youth for Christ volunteer who has grown attached to this young man of Hispanic background.

juvdetentThe young prisoner approached the volunteer and politely asked “Habla Español?” When the response was “Si”, the kid lit up like a Christmas tree with joy for someone to talk to. The time passed quickly and ended with the volunteer asking the young man if he knew Christ. His response was “No, but I want to!”

They prayed together that night and the young man gained a new birthday, his spiritual birthday.

Youth for Christ will be there for him until his transfer. He has received a Spanish Bible and study materials.