Hand of Hope Camps Address Common Questions About Christianity

Can I become a Christian if I have done bad things in the past?

This summer Youth for Christ had the privilege to host through our Hand of Hope project 4 camps at the Mission Conference Centre Immanuel in the Czech Republic. These camps were attended by approximately 140 children from children’s homes. The theme was a reflection on a life of a Christian and what it actually means to be a Christian. Throughout the years working in this ministry, staff have had the chance to get to know the children and the teenagers more and have noticed that a lot of their questions and opinions are very similar:

  • Can I become a Christian if I have done bad things in the past?
  • Are Christians perfect?
  • What does the everyday life of a Christian look like?
  • When someone becomes a Christian, his life becomes trouble-free.
  • Christians are never ever sad, they are always happy.
  • Christian must never do anything bad, they must pray at all times otherwise they can’t be Christians.

These questions gave the group a great opportunity for discussion and sharing. Using biblical stories, groups talked interactively about questions or statements like these and also shared testimonies and most importantly, the Gospel.

At one camp , a video workshop with the theme “What most people think Christians do vs. what do Christians actually do” produced the following video: