Gypsy Outreach in Romania

by JP Longeron

Statistics say that in 2011, out of 22 million people living in Romania, 2 million left the country – most of them because of the economic situation. Churches struggle as many of their best young people leave for a “better life” in other countries. In all of this – some people, like Emilia and Stefan, stay and bring good news and have a positive influence where they live.

Emilia grew up in a gypsy village, close to Brasov in the center of Romania. Stefan moved into this same village at the age of 20. They both became Christians there, in 2001. As their life changed with the light of the gospel, they both got quickly involved in children’s ministry, adults outreaches, cell groups and more.

Now, 10 years later, Emilia and Stefan are married and have a 3 years old son. They are still preaching the gospel wherever they can.

Up until recently, Emilia and Stefan always did ministry on a volunteer basis and lived on a meager income from occasional help or small jobs.

Some friends working with Youth for Christ talked with them and worked out a solution where Emilia and Stefan would work for Youth for Christ in their own village 1 day a week , earning a regular salary typical of the daily working wage in the village.

A few days later, Youth for Christ in Augustin began. Around 70 are attending once every two weeks to hear the gospel. Additionally, 10 teens are trained in worship, evangelism and children’s ministry.

It has become clear to everyone involved that God arranged this connection between Emilia and Stefan and Youth for Christ.

Thank you for praying with us for provision of full-time employment so that Emilia and Stefan (and others) can become more involved with children and teen ministry in Romania.