Good News from Gambia

Youth for Christ in Gambia is celebrating several ministry successes over the previous year.

LEADERSHIP SEMINARS: Youth for Christ was able to interact with over 200 leaders in various institutions in the country. This includes village leaders, professors, lecturers and student leaders. Plans are on the way for a third session with the National Assembly (senators). These sessions instill godly values in the lives of the participants.

DISCIPLESHIP: This is ongoing in the Youth for Christ calendar. A group of over 70 young people were involved in a discipleship program in 2011. These sessions were held consistently in different communities. International volunteers who have participated are also confessing growth in their faith during their stay in The Gambia.

SCHOOL PROJECT: The school project experienced a boom in 2011. The Lower Basic level commenced in September 2011 to the glory of God. There are now 63 students in the school. Half of the students are on scholarship, to the credit of friends in Germany.  This project gives Youth for Christ an opportunity to achieve the “every people group” segment of the vision and mission. 80% of the children are from a different religious background, including some from different nations. The Gambia gives schools freedom to teach Christian literature without any limitations.

EVANGELISM: Evangelism is an ongoing activity in the ministry. It is part and parcel of Gambia Youth for Christ’s adult literacy program, leadership development seminars and social involvement activities in schools and communities. In the month of April, in partnership with Scripture Union and Gamfes, Youth for Christ carried out a Jesus March along the busiest streets, proclaiming the message of reconciliation. Two gave their lives to Christ and many rededicated their lives to the Lord.