God’s Patience & Love For His Children

Hilary Lewis-Nicol, Africa Area Director

I have been studying the Book of Ezekiel. I am amazed at God’s patience and love for His children. What is amazing is the fact that all the nations that God used to punish Israel for their disobedience, were the same nations He had to punish for making Israel a laughing stock. Isn’t it amazing that God could use heathen nations to accomplish His purposes. In the end, God did restore Israel. What a God of love He is, always ready to defend and fight for His dearly beloved children. What assurance! He constantly defends and fights for us.

This year promises to be a great one. Looking forward to visiting some nations, finalizing our 3-year Strategic Plan, empowering our national boards and key staffs, conducting national reviews, meetings of the Africa Area Leadership Team and getting to know our leaders and staffs more.

Thank you for your constant prayers for us and sacrificial giving to the work we do. Your reward is assured!