From the Desk of the International Director

Dear friend,

“God is near, therefore hope is near,” said Christian theologian Charles Spurgeon. What a great reminder in times like these.

The news around the world today is filled with stories of war, hardship, disasters, turmoil. Yet this is nothing new. Throughout history even the children of God have faced severe difficulties. Think of Noah, or the Israelites, or David, the disciples. Even Jesus.

For us as followers of Jesus there is hope. Yet nearly half of young people around the world have never heard of Christ and are facing the future with little hope. That is where you and I and Youth for Christ come in.

As you look through these stories of Youth for Christ’s outreach around the world, some happening in the midst of very difficult circumstances, I hope you will recognize the hope that you are bringing.

Because of you, Youth for Christ is living out the love, the care, the goodness of God in relationships with young people in over 100 nations. You are planting seeds of faith in young lives. And as faith grows, so does hope.

Grateful for your partnership,

Dave Brereton

International Director

Sowing and Growing in a War Zone

“We sow and God grows,” said the enthusiastic staff of Youth for Christ Ukraine.

Recently Nadia, a young woman who has been attending a Happy Day Youth for Christ Center for the past seven years, gave her testimony in her local church. Years ago she wrote in a questionnaire that her dream was to become a Christian.

That dream came true. Today she is a young woman who loves God and actively shares Him with others. She has another dream now: “That my whole family would follow with God.” That is what Youth for Christ Ukraine is praying with her about.

Despite the difficulties over the past two years, the Youth for Christ Ukraine team continues reaching out to young people. Through day centers for at-risk young people, camps and one-on-one times with young people they continue sowing the life-changing message of Jesus in young lives.

Youth for Christ also continues serving Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes and evacuate abroad due to war. The Youth for Christ center in Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia is one of those places. With music, games, discussions, worship and biblical teaching, displaced Ukrainians are loved and cared for by the Youth for Christ people there.

In Britain

“We want to put God back on the agenda for young people. We want teens right across this nation to have an opportunity to not only choose Jesus but encounter Him for themselves.” – Neil O’Boyle, Youth for Christ Britain National Director

Youth for Christ Britain is actively reaching over 1.5 million young people each year. Through personal outreach in their 60 local centers, digital evangelism, urban outreach, sports outreach, providing church resources, and teaching young people how to use their personal gifts, they are providing help, guidance, and spiritual direction to young people.