God Answers Prayers

I don’t hope camp can make a difference, I know it will.

Mari Miranda, Campus Life Site Director, Miami YFC

Camp is really close to my heart because a few months after the Lord changed my life through YFC, my heart was broken for my friends, especially Kari*. I knew her pain intimately, and I wanted her – and others – to have the same encounter with Christ that I had. I wanted Kari to experience the new life I had. I prayed for her a lot, but I felt totally confused.

But God answered my prayer through camp! Almost every single one of the friends that I prayed for, including Kari, ended up going to camp, and all of them had experiences with Christ that made a huge difference in their lives. I still almost cry thinking about it — my friends’ lives were changed and I learned that God answers prayers.

Kari didn’t stay close to Christ, though – she had trouble finding a good faith community where she could fit. Even though we are still friends and she is confident in her salvation, Kari is not close to the Christian community today. Still, 8 years later, Kari agreed and paid to send her younger sister, May*, to camp. She had such a great experience at camp that Kari was willing and excited to send her little sister.

On Day 4 of camp, May sat in 30 minutes of silence with God. As the moon shone down and quiet worship music started, May shouted a big ‘YES’ to Jesus. She gave her life to Christ, just like Kari did in 2011!

I don’t hope camp can make a difference, I know it will. I know it introduced May and Kari to a relationship with Jesus, and I am praying it can be a place of healing for a whole family. YFC Camp is where everything changes: for me, for Kari, and for her sister. Thank you for
making a difference for kids and their families by supporting camp.

*name has been changed