Ghana Prepares to Minister to Refugee Camp

From Daniel Dzunu

During the long civil war in Liberia some years back a refugee camp was set up for those who came to Ghana at Buduburam near Accra. Some have gone back after the war but many are still around and have been joined by Ivoirians and Nigerians.  The population is now around 11,000 with 75% of them being young people. This is a fertile ground for youth ministry, so Youth for Christ has taken up the challenge.

Youth for Christ in Ghana recently headed up a two day training for 25 volunteers from 15 churches on September 16 and 17. A local committee has been put in place and has started meeting and strategizing for ministry to begin.

Topics at the training included the history of Youth for Christ, the logo, vision, mission, statement of faith, core values, profile of a youth leader, preparing a youth massage, understanding adolescence, how to counsel youth, etc.

Pray with us that the ministry to these refugees will thrive in the camp.