Germany and South Africa Minister to Refugees

germithembaIn the light of the many refugees coming to Germany, Youth for Christ in Germany partnered with Youth for Christ’s iThemba drama and performance team from South Africa to help churches understand the potential for refugee ministry. The ethnically mixed teams are also doing shows and presentations in schools on topics like “Racism”. This subject is especially relevant in Germany at this moment in time when it comes to accepting refugees as they are.

One church invited iThemba to join them at a refugee camp. The result was so positive that the team was invited back to perform again. The team leader, Gwinyai Vimbai Vera, reported that the majority Muslim audience was extremely thankful and appreciative; it was a huge encouragement for the refugees that a church cared so much about them that they brought in something special just for them. The enthusiasm towards the team was so great that it was difficult to say good-bye. At the end of the performance, there were refugees asking questions about the difference between Allah and the God of the Bible.