German Board Gets Fuller Picture of EMENA Ministry

Edward de Kam,Youth for Christ EMENA

Drop-in centre staff Laura Farrell talking to German Board

Drop-in centre staff Laura Farrell talking to German Board

Due to his position as Field Representative on the Board of Youth for Christ International, National Director Alfons Hildebrandt is quite informed about other national Youth for Christ programs. He wanted his national Executive Board (and their spouses) to get a sense of what God is doing not just nationally, but regionally.

As a result the Board holds a retreat once a year in a different EMENA country. So far they have visited the Emmanuel Centre in the Czech Republic and the YFC Farm Chenes De Mamre in the South of France.

The Board is now getting getting excited about Youth for Christ ministry in other countries, as well as their own.

This year’s retreat took place in Northern Ireland. National Director Suzi McLean took time out of a busy schedule and explained the ministry of Youth for Christ in Northern Ireland. John Duncan was most helpful in being available several times. A highlight of the visit to Northern Ireland was a visit to The Blue House, a drop-in centre in Ballysillan (north of Belfast).