Fundraising Training in Eastern Europe

m2On April 14- 16, Mikhail Kornev, Regional Director, organised a training for National Directors, Board members and Children@Risk coordinators of Youth for Christ Eastern Europe in Moldova.

One group had a fundraising training led by Patrick McDonald from Oxford Catalyst Venture. The other group was working on the development of the C@R strategy lead by Harald Aalbers.

Youth for Christ EMENA is working on making the  work in Eastern Europe more sustainable and is assisting them by training to do their own fundraising.

It is easy to say: ‘We can’t do this in our country’. Patrick challenged attendees by saying: ‘That’s a lie. God wants to see generous people, also in your nations. You have the challenge to start and compared to the most Western nations, in Eastern Europe you are the first. So do it’.

Teams from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia and Georgia have already started to put things that they learned during their training into practice.

Pray for these teams in countries where fundraising is a challenge, that God would open doors and release needed funds.