“From the Heart” Newsletter (Burundi)

In Makamba, Burundi, Youth for Christ has received official authorisation that the land is theirs. This has taken much time to come through, but it is clear that God has provided for them. They are now in the process of building three classrooms on the site with plans to open a ‘future hope’ primary school in September. Given that there are few schools in the area of Makamba, the local population is eager for the opening!

In addition to this, they are beginning a new project in microfinance loans, in order to assist women in their community, particularly widows. This will aid in them being able to create small businesses.

Women in Burundi do the majority of land work and sell their produce at markets in order to provide for their families, but they are able to retain very little income. This project will encourage these women in their entrepreneurial skills and give them the support they need to be in charge of their earnings.

The aim is that ultimately, this will enable them to greatly improve the standard of living for their families.