Former Soviet Nations Prepare Camps for World Cup in Russia 2018

"It is big blessing for me to be part of this team. It is new experience, new opportunities, new contacts and fulfillment of an old dream." - Pavel (YFC Staff)

russia1A team of 44 leaders from 11 countries met together earlier this year in the nation of Georgia. The leaders, who have much experience in running camps for kids and teenagers, met to build programs for camps which will be take place during the Soccer World Cup in Russia in 2018.

The worldwide event is a great opportunity to invite kids, teenagers and youth, and to reach them with the gospel through camps. These programs serve as a means to connect with young people who have an interest in soccer.

The leaders realize that the task is a large one – with so many people and nations involved. All the participants represent different Christian organizations of former Soviet countries. To be united around one big purpose, they are building common resources. Youth for Christ is taking a large role in the process and expects that the programs will be big blessing for camps in 2018.

Many of Russia’s 259 Day Centers / Drop-in Centers are running camps for their children and youth during the vacation period. During the next 8 months programs will be built for:

  • children
  • teen (co-ed)
  • teen boys
  • teen girls
  • family
  • fathers and sons

During the gathering, working teams of authors set up Bible justification for their programs, story lines, and shared responsibilities to work in upcoming months. Youth for Christ staff and volunteers from Russia and Belarus are actively take part in this process.