Foundation for the Nations Distributes Over Half Million USD to Worthy Projects


Foundation for the Nations (FFTN) is a ministry of YFC International, set up to raise finances for Youth for Christ projects around the world.

The first year’s distribution meetings took place in Northern Ireland (11-15 May, 2015).

The total requested by these 21 projects was $772,436, considerably more than had been pledged, but after a detailed look at each application, and at each Due Diligence report compiled by the relevant Area Director or Regional Director, and at the 90-second video that accompanied each report, the Ministry Partners dispensed a total of $534,605 to the projects, as you can see in the next table.  The average request was $36,783, the average grant was $25,457, and on average, the number of Ministry Partners involved in each award of finances was 5.

YFC Entity Project Summary Amount Requested Amount
YFC Slovakia TV Life initiative to buy and run a Christian TV station 110,894 66,200
YFC Romania Transport for the work, and lodging facilities for teams 61,505 61,505
YFC EMENA Area Development of the Arabic-language work of MENA Media 52,500 52,500
YFC Lebanon Expansion of work with Syrian refugees 100,000 50,000
YFC Uganda Developing young leaders 45,244 45,244
YFC Rwanda Development of Leadership & Discipleship tools and training 98,057 36,000
YFC Moldova Training & Equipping young leaders 30,723 30,800
YFC Madagascar Building of a Training & leadership centre 53,446 25,000
Camp Immanuel, Czech Purchase of a large marquee 24,000 22,000
YFC Egypt Work with girls on El-Khoussous rubbish dump in Cairo 21,493 21,400
YFC Czech Staff Support 29,873 21,300
Eastern Europe Region Development of a training programme – 1,000 Leaders 27,380 17,400
YFC The Gambia Shalom Café Backpackers’ and Prostitutes’ Drop-in centre 15,000 15,000
Bangladesh YFC Extension to a Children’s Home 14,673 14,700
Central Europe Region Timothy School 12,303 12,200
YFC Hungary Staff Support 13,000 11,556
YFC Russia – Moscow Equipment for their work in Children’s Homes 10,240 11,200
YFC Slovakia CAMPFEST Festival equipment 33,251 7,000
Bangladesh YFC Develop a Discipleship programme 6,519 6,600
YFC Poland Help with a New Year’s Eve Youth Conference 9,335 4,000
YFC Italia Help for summer camps for YFC in Sicily 3,000 3,000
 TOTALS 772,436 534,605
Averages 36,783 25,457

For Next Year

Now FFTN is beginning to gear up for Cycle 2, 2016. They are doing work on the website, changing and tweaking some areas as a result of this first year’s experience – the application form in particular. The application window is currently closed, but will open again on 1 September, with a deadline for the submission of applications of midnight UK time on Friday 11th December. (You won’t need to spoil your Christmas this year with a last-minute application on 31st December!). See the website at

If you have been moved by some of the projects that were funded, or by the letters of appreciation, and you have the capacity to sit around the table next year as one of the Ministry Partners, by all means get in touch using the form below. We would love to be able to finance at least a million dollars’ worth of projects. Likely dates for the Distribution meetings: 24-27th May 2016.

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