Festival Brings Arts, Gospel to Gypsy Village

Youth for Christ in Romania organised an Arts Festival from May 6-10, 2013. On the last evening about 150 people (of whom about half were non-Christians) were present. The silence was complete during the message on the theme of The Prodigal Son, and several people accepted Christ as their Saviour.

The Arts Festival, organized in the Gypsy village of Augustin (near Brașov) aimed to make children and teens sensitive to arts and present them the greatest artist: God. The participants were introduced to the secrets of diverse creative arts each afternoon, and were given an opportunity to display their skills in music, painting, juggling and much more.

In the evenings, artists presented their work in a well-organised show. Because the education system in Romania does not put an accent on creativity, most children (especially in rural areas) do not have any experience with the arts. In poor areas like Augustin, parents cannot afford, and usually do not see the importance of, teaching their children the arts. Even so, the potential in many of the participants was obvious.

Those who attended had a lot of fun in a familiar, loving, caring environment, where they had the opportunity to develop and challenge themselves. The leaders of Youth for Christ, assisted by seven others and one family, focused on each one of the participants, helping them to find what they are good at and enjoy doing, while also  sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ.

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