Famonjena: A Story of Lifechange

Famonjena, at right with ballcap and blue t-shirt

The first time he came to Madagascar’s Youth for Christ club, Famonjena was rebellious. He didn’t want to hear the Word of God. He just wanted to learn English.

It was not uncommon for him to interfere with the message and sidetrack other attending kids with his conversations during the club meetings.
That was when staff member Lalasoa decided to try a different approach. She spent time with him after the meetings, bought him snacks, and spent a quality time with him. Soon she was able to share with Famonjena how deep the Lord loves him and how Jesus died on the cross for him.
Eventually, Famonjena accepted Jesus to be his Lord. Today he is one of the leaders at Madagascar YFC’s dance group. He is now actively involved reaching the boys in the group with the good news of Jesus.