Every Youth Drama Touches Hearts in Honduras

In just two weeks, an evangelistic drama team in Honduras made 26 presentations at six churches and 15 high schools, reaching 5,893 people with the gospel. As many as 365 people responded to the drama presentation by deciding to become followers of Jesus Christ.


About the Play

Begun about eight years ago, to provide a drama option for Project Serve trips from the USA, the “Every Youth” script was written specifically to appeal to “urban youth” anywhere in the world. Every Youth teams perform for host countries seeking tools for evangelism, and then train the host team to use the play after they leave.

The play is about a young man (EveryYouth) who thinks he has everything to live for and no fear of Death. But very soon, Death is “born” on stage, and then chases EveryYouth throughout the play.

The Creator is trying to get his message to EveryYouth through a messenger, but EveryYouth ignores the message, thinking he can handle things through his own ideas, until he finally gets desperate and cries out to Creator, who answers him and ultimately comes to earth.

Creator then experiences Death, but returns from Death to finally throw Death off stage.


Honduras Team

Each day, the team began by dedicating the time to  the Lord Jesus, having a team devotional right after breakfast. Then it was on the bus, and off to a destination such as a high school, elementary school, church, or park; sometimes, youth even came to the Youth for Christ camp at a scheduled time to view the presentation. The Honduran cast spent most of their free time during the day practicing; at night they would debrief.



INHFA CASITAS SAN NICOLAS – Casitas shelters 180 “at risk” young girls who have been abused or have family problems. All the girls of the institution witnessed the drama; 50 of them were reached with the Gospel. Team members also prayed for many of the girls who approached them after the presentation.

CHRISTIAN LIFE CHURCH – In Santiago, team members visited children at a church where Youth for Christ works  on a weekly basis. On the day of the drama, many of the children who visited had not been to the church in years.

SAN NICOLAS – The team did two presentations, one of which was performed at the city park, where 300 people attended. Elementary and high school students listened intently; other passers-by listened in after stopping to see what was happening.

TREE OF LIFE – The last presentation was performed in front of 400 students at TOL Institute. Team members prayed for them; many reported being freed from feelings of sadness and abandonment. The team was especially encouraged by the 50 students who accepted Christ here.


The unique thing we have found with the project is that as we prepare our hearts to be used by God, then He does amazing work in the hearts of the audiences. We have many opportunities for prayer ministry following many of our performances. – Jake Tyler (Every Youth Director)

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