Equipped to Serve Counselling Course

“I can’t wait to show my mum my certificate.”

certifsStudents in the Seychelles were very proud as they received their Certificate of Completion of the Equipped to Serve counselling course. Thirteen women attended the course. Most were new public school counsellors; a few that were psychology majors that the University had referred. For many of the students this course is the deepest counselling training they will receive. The school counsellors are dealing with difficult social and emotional issues and there are no Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) in the country.

Attendees found that their counselling skills significantly improved throughout the course and they all received high scores on their final exams. Not only did the women learn counselling skills, but also when to use Scripture and spiritual counselling.

Please join us in prayer for all of the counselling students, that they will apply what they learned and that they are able to handle their extremely stressful jobs as school counsellors.