Encouraging Report on Tweens Ministries in Canada


I am once again encouraged by the number of programs which are aimed to reach the “tweens” of Canada.

To mention just a few examples:

  • In William’s Lake, YFC staff worker Ryan involves 10-12 year-olds in a weekly time of discipleship and reaching-out in the community monthly to practically demonstrate God’s love.
  • In Calgary, Brian and Bernie are active in soccer outreach and Big Brother programs. Jan is forming relationships with kids in grades 5-8 through sports in the Highlands area of Ontario.
  • In Brandon, Manitoba, Roxanne is in her 2nd year of an after-school Literacy Program and is investing in the lives of over 20 Spanish, English and Mandarin-speaking elementary children.

I am so encouraged to see programs springing up which are the platform for spiritual outreach to the tweens.

George Barna’s research not only indicates that the experiences and mindset of most 10-year-olds today is equivalent to the 15-year-old of a few decades ago, but he also states that 85% of the professions of faith in Christ are made by age 14. So please continue to urgently pray for and reach out to this age group as Barna also reminds us that “by the age of 13, one’s spiritual identity is largely set in place” (Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, pg. 34).