Empowering the Vulnerable in Rwanda

From Jean Baptiste Magarura, National Director

Empowerment Projects for Vulnerable People

People who have visited the widows of HIV who are being helped through Youth for Christ in Rwanda will notice a huge difference in the lives of those women, and especially those who knew them in the past.

Their demeanor has changed, their bodies look great, their children are at school and each woman is happy that she has her own house. More than that, they are learning how to use sewing machines, knitting and are making an income. Hope springs up in their hearts.

Kigali Christian School

Nearly 700 students in Rwanda’s Kigali Christian school are happy to be part of what Youth for Christ is offering to them. A few weeks ago, one small child led a prayer at a function in the community, and everybody wondered where the child learnt how to pray. The answer was simple: “Kigali Christian School.”

They love Jesus, and academically they are performing exceedingly well.

Thank you for assisting as you are able to help Kigali build more infrastructure to educate more students.

School of Leadership and Discipleship

This year’s school of leadership and discipleship has unique students. They are very intelligent and eager to learn—very soon they will be attending University.

During their training, students were visited by different high profile people like Dr. Tom Bennett of Santa Fe Christian Schools, Mr. Sam Wolgemuth the Chairman of the International Board of Youth for Christ, Mr. Jack Pandols from Bakersfield and others.

One particular highlight of the school year was when Rwandan students were visited by Santa Fe Christian school students, and they both learnt and danced together.