East Indian Ocean Islands Welcome New Regional Director

From David Kadalie, Former Regional Director of the East Indian Ocean Islands (David has assumed the role as Director of Training and Leadership in Africa)

Entrusting the mission to the right kind of people is an important leadership challenge. God has blessed Youth for Christ in giving Maharavo “Ravo” Ravoniandro to us not just to lead the work in Madagascar but also to take over the Indian Ocean Islands Region.

Ravo and Lalasoa are a godly couple with a passion to see young people become followers of Jesus Christ on the island. They have been with Youth for Christ since 1999 and started off as volunteers. After coming on staff in 2003, Ravo served as coordinator of Antsirabe two years later. Then, in 2009, he took the National Director’s role.

Ravo and Lalasoa both attended university in Russia in the early 90’s. Ravo also attended theological seminary for 4 years. Both Ravo & Lalasoa attended the Youth for Christ Evangelism school. Ravo did a one year internship with Youth for Christ internship, and attended 5 training courses overseas dealing with volunteerism, teams, Heart Transformation, coaching, mentoring and many other leadership related subjects. Ravo also went through the Youth for Christ coaching process and is a registered coach. Almost all of the city coordinators have been successfully coached by Ravo.

For 5 years, Ravo taught Greek to first, second and third year students at the Baptist seminary in Antsirabe. He is a keen volleyball player and is passionate about teaching the bible, discipleship, mentoring and prayer.

Lalasoa has been the bookkeeper for many years but her role has changed since Ravo became National Director. Ravo will be travelling with David Kadalie, the former regional director of the East Indian Ocean Islands, across Madagascar during this cyclone season, where together they will continue their mentoring process plus train and encourage boards, staff and volunteers and give support to the recently pioneered ministries.