Dutch Youth Leaders "Rock & Roll"


On Saturday the 24th of September, 750 youth leaders/pastors/elders were gathered for the annual Youth for Christ – The Netherlands training event. They were offered many workshops and lectures helping them growing in knowledge and leadership skills and an opportunity to connect with other youth leaders. The theme of this year was ‘Rock & Roll’: anchored to our Rock and moving along with young people.

A short overview of the different program items:

  • Basic training: Rock Solid (Catholic),Rock Steady, Solid Friends and Youth Alpha
  • Experimental youth work: playing with new forms and content
  • Advanced training on: youth ministry, developing vision and policy, youth culture and 16+youth work
  • Many workshops including: relaxed leaders, how to create a good atmosphere, reaching out to the youth outside the churches and spiritual experiences of young people

We look back on a very successful event. We really hope that the youth leaders/pastors and their teenagers and young people will have an encounter with God this year!