Dutch Christmas Play Gives Refugees a Face

netherlYoung refugees (from international transition classes) play together with actors from the theater group “Switch” of Youth for Christ in The Netherlands in a play about refugees.

In the week before Christmas, the play “Home” will be performed in secondary schools throughout the Netherlands. With the play, the actors give the young ‘refugee’ a face. The large news headlines become a person.

Ruth den Hertog, coordinator at Switch, wrote the play:

“These young people fled their homes to build a new life here and gave up everything for that. The refugees act in the play and with that give the concept of ‘home’ a new meaning. They literally bring the theme closer to young people.”

The refugees acting in the play come from various countries such as Somalia and Iran. The transition classes they are in now prepared them for the Dutch education.

Ruth says, “Everyone wants a place, an environment where he is seen and loved. Like many Dutch people, refugees are also in search of it. We want young people to ask the question: how can you offer someone a home?”

Educational Switch is part of Youth for Christ and provides educational theater in high schools throughout the Netherlands. Themes include (cyber) bullying, social media, identity, love and relationships, Christmas and Easter.