Discipleship Going Strong in Sierra Leone

From Stephen Conteh Abu, National Director


Discipleship was at its peak for the month and 14 young people went through the process. As a result three are already attending church regularly.


Evangelism is ongoing in the community and 60 accepted Christ. Street kidswere followed up and two are presently in Church supervised by volunteers.

Ministry was extended to a rejected mute youth and he is also in Church.


Alusine Kamara, a now released inmate from the Approved School, was originally arrested for larceny and sentenced to serve two years in detention. He is 19 years of age, and living in one of the slums with his father. His father is unemployed and can’t support Alusine. Alusine says “I have wasted my life and time for the past two years, now I want to do something meaningful. Others have gone ahead of me and I want a change of life and a new start. I need to do something worthwhile”. Through several sessions of counseling, he has thought through and decided to learn tailoring skills to be self reliant.


We thank God for the opportunity to mobilize and train 141 women in the provinces; Bo, Blama, Kenema, Kono, Makeni and PortLoko for the Operation Hannah prayer initiative. In all of these towns, God gave us a greater harvest of the faithful that will stand in the gap for the salvation of the young people of this country.


  • For safe travels for me and other staff  as I travel to local centers to provide encouragement and training  for the volunteers, staff and board members
  • With us for more resources as we continue to strengthen ministry in all areas.
  • For the provision of a working computer for me as soon as possible
  • For peace, as we approach elections in November this year