Denmark Sends Mission Team to Ukraine

A missionary team from Youth for Christ Denmark came to Ukraine during their fall break at school to work with Youth for Christ Ukraine to serve in Day Centres in the Volyn region. Fourteen young people, most of whom are 14-18 years old, dedicated their time and spent six days managing 11 projects for about 450 children, youth, and their parents.

This has already been the second time when YFC Ukraine and Denmark served together. Therefore, this project was useful not only for the Ukrainians but also for the Danes. They had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge about the history and culture of another country and to get acquainted with the lifestyle of people from another country.

The main goal of this joint activity was to bring hope, joy, and sincere care to Ukrainian children. Daily along with local leaders, the Danes served in Day Centres of Lutsk, Gorokhova, Old Vyzhevka, Kovel.

What a pleasure the children got from interesting games, from a huge pile of LEGOs, from a variety of bubbles, from the amazing tricks of the Danes. They sang in English, and tried to learn some words in Danish. Parents also came to the meeting of the Day Centres.

The team of Danes held open lessons for students of some schools, talking about Denmark, Europe in general, and motivating students to learn English and achieve their dreams. Students were excited to hear the personal testimonies of the missionaries, as they were the same age. The youth of Denmark even visited the rehab center, where some fathers of those children, who come to the Day Centre undergo rehabilitation.