Day Camp in Ukraine Hosts 100 Children

by Nadya Gural, Social Ministry Coordinator, Ukraine

A day camp for children and teenagers was held in Vovkovyntsi village from 8th to 10th of June. The camp hosted 100 local children + 18 leaders who came from all over the Khmelnytsky region and some of the adults who came with their children.

The local people were very disposed to the camp participants and were very helpful during the camp days. Children played in a lot of interesting games, learnt new songs, made crafts, communicated in their groups.  They also participated in various dramas, revealing a lot of talents.

During the discussions on various topics, the kids listened to stories about children from Bible, and then retold them. It was very interesting to hear how they understood those stories and what conclusions they have made for themselves.

Local high school students became great friends with their counsellors, and sang with them on stage. Teachers from the local school were surprised, saying that these children do not go to school but here they sing songs easily. It was just inconceivable to them!

It was sad for the youth organizers to say goodbye – the time together went so quickly. But we hope that day care centre will continue its meetings and many of the children will be able to attend classes regularly.

We thank God for the opportunity and freedom to organize such camps in Ukraine, and we thank friends like you, who are so supportive of the work we do.