photo by Eric Johnson/

Once a student at Austin High School in Austin, Texas (USA), David Jordon probably never imagined that he would return there to teach others about Christianity.

But that’s exactly what he did.

His own faith journey began as a student at Austin High School.  After high school, David became active as a leader in his church youth group and attended two years of discipleship training in Florida, leading mission trips to Belgium and England.  He also went on to Scotland, where he worked on church building and led mission-related trips.

David is now the Austin director of Youth for Christ, and focuses much of his time on providing support for Christian youth in public high schools. Rather than working out of a building, David spends most of his time in the high school, where he meets with students before school and during lunch. He says the group is, more than anything, a place for students with common ground to come together for accountability and friendship.

David also likes to mingle with those who were not brought up in a Christian household, as he knows it’s sometimes difficult to deal with the pressures of the teenage years. He wants to see students who are lonely come together to find joy in others.

“I don’t want any kids to go through those feelings,” he said.

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