Cycling, Praying, Serving & Training – A Recipe for Success in Moldova

Cycling for the Blessing of Moldova

From May 16th-20th a group of 7 young men went on a 240 km cycling trip. On this trip they visited 42 locations from the region of Sangerei and Telenes and prayed for them.

At eleven towns and villages, the group from Youth for Christ in Moldova organised a time of worship and prayer together with the local church. The aim was to motivate and encourage them to keep praying for their communities, for the country, for those who aren’t saved, for the local authorities and country authorities.

The cyclists also talked to people on streets and shared the gospel, telling people about the joy of salvation and how much God loves them. The cycling trip brought about encounters with people who were fixing the roads, police officers and mayors.

One participant explains,

“All the people we talked to were interested in who we are and what we do. They were open-minded to talk to us and listen to the Gospel. All the glory to the one who truly deserves it, our Lord Jesus Christ!”

Prayer Weekends

During the first three months of 2012, Youth for Christ Moldova organised four prayer evenings in the towns of Balti, Calarasi, Nisporeni and Bravicea.

A total of 120 people took part at these prayer evenings, most of them youth. The prayer weekends were an attempt to set their faith on fire and to renew the prayer altar in their lives.

Youth for Christ Moldova believe wholeheartedly that if the young generation from the Republic of Moldova will stand in prayer and fasting, giving praise to God and praying for the country, for other persecuted countries, for unbelievers and missionaries, God will give victory.

Children at Risk Department


The first part of the year was quite fruitful for the Children at Risk department in the Republic of Moldova. Two more Day Care Centres started their activity in the villages of Svetlii and Slobozia Mare. There are now 30 Day care centres that benefit from the support of Youth for Christ through training, advice and materials. Most of these also receive financial support. The Day Care Centres work with over 600 children and their families.

Oak House


The beginning of 2012 was a blessed time in Oak House, a placement centre for teen-age girls. The ministry concentrated on the education of the girls and on their spiritual growth. Youth for Christ Moldova collaborated with different churches and organisations to offer a great programme for the girls. They participated at a variety of seminars, including “Life and Bible”, “Created to be beautiful”, “5 languages of love”, and “Human trafficking and its prevention”.

They also were involved in fellowship meetings with youth for socialization, motivation for prayer and involvement in church ministry, organised by a local church, and also participated at the National Christian Youth Conference.

At the end of the school year, two of the girls will leave the House as they will graduate their education. One is graduating from the university as a social worker, while the other is graduating from the professional school as tailor-seamstress. Both are graduating with great marks. After 3 years living within the placement centre the girls have grown both spiritually and in educationally on reaching a high rank of maturity.

In one of the evaluation questionnaire on the question “How much has this placement centre helped you to grow?” they answered, “This project helped me a lot, prepared me for the life I’m going to face. I felt that I have grown a lot and I am able to handle lots of things”.

Below is a video of the Oak House ministry: