Costa Rica Reaching Youth through Skate, Surf Ministries

From Fresia Rojas, National Coordinator (Costa Rica)
Using extreme sports, Youth for Christ in Costa Rica is presenting a different life alternative for young people at risk.

The skate program, called “Skate Movil, SK8M” has been running since February 2012. Thanks to the help of Steve Hildebrand and his family (Youth for Christ staff from Canada serving in Costa Rica), the ministry has been able to work with other like-minded partners that share Youth for Christ’s passion and commitment to this group of young people.

Another Costa Rican ministry called “Waves of Hope”, is also reaching out to young people who are interested in surfing. The program aims to give young people the opportunity to learn that there is always hope. As in surfing, no matter how many times we fall, there is always a chance to get up and try again!

Both programs were created by Michael Baldauf, Costa Rica’s German-born but Latin-at-heart staff member, who has a tremendous gift for using extreme sports to share the good news of hope among youth.