Collaborative Olympic Ministry Effort Underway

From Judy Lloyd, UK ProjectServe Director

Youth for Christ in Britain, along with many other organisations across the UK and the United States (under the banner of More Than Gold),  are looking forward to welcoming teams from all over the world on Tuesday July 24.  The Youth for Christ teams will be trained to work with local communities in Newham and Greenwich for 10 days. People from Australia, Brazil, France, Holland, Germany, New Zealand and maybe Denmark will be participating.

Nomad and Stance, two national Youth for Christ teams will be joining in, plus other artists and many local church leaders, youth leaders and young people from the 20 churches.  Jimmy Dale, Director of Newham YFC and Hugh Risdill-Smith, Director of Greenwich YFC will be overseeing the missions and national staff such as Gavin Calver, Dave Newton, Phil Knox and Judy Lloyd will be taking part and supporting everyone.

Please pray for everyone involved with this strategic work.

The Lord’s presence is a mighty encouragement as we step out and we are looking to Him for a mighty move of His Spirit across our needy land.