Church in Vovkovyntsi Village Holds Festive Christmas Service

from Natasha Shtokovetska, DC Vovkovyntsi

The children from Youth for Christ’s Day Care Centre in Vovkovyntsi had a special opportunity for Christmas this year. They were allowed to prepare a part of a festive Christmas service for a church in Vovkovyntsi village. The group joined a team of youth from a church in Khmelnitsky city, who praised God with singing and poetry.

The great blessing of the day was that all the parents of the kids who visit the Day Center also came. It was obvious that the Word of God touched their hearts.

After the service everyone was invited for tea and sweets. People talked and got acquainted with those who came for the first time.

The Day Center team is very grateful to God for how He has blessed this great day and was glorified in it.

Nadya Gural
YFC Ukraine Social Ministry Coordinator