Children’s Institutions in Moscow Welcome Youth for Christ


Youth for Christ recently visited three children’s institutions in Moscow. Staff performed a Christmas puppet show for the children.

Additionally, volunteers from the church “The Ark” Balashikha, performed for the kids and provided them and their teachers gifts with sweets.The children at each of the orphanages were incredibly happy about the team’s arrival.

Visits included:5785728095354880

  • Filimonkovo orphanage on January 27; 60 children
  • Saltykov tuberculosis sanatorium on January 29; 48 children.
  • Nakhimovskaya boarding school on February 2;  90 children.

The presentations by these volunteers has opened the door for continued access to children’s homes in Moscow.

Youth for Christ Moscow requests your prayers for the following:

  1. Physical recovery of the director Zuev Vladimir. In February, he was hospitalized with internal bleeding, a stomach ulcer. Now on home treatment.
  2. Project development: vocational guidance and socialization of orphans of graduates.
  3. Financial partners for the development of ministry.