Catastrophe in Croatia

flood#3Slovenia (east Croatia), Bosnia and Serbia are experiencing terrible flooding. About 1 million people have lost their homes, farms and belongings. The size of the area that is flooded is equivalent to the size of the nation of Israel. Many have been evacuated and rescue teams have been working around the clock to save what is recoverable. There is fear of epidemic, due to animal corpses, sewage and mines left over from the war floating around.


Despite the tragedy, Croatia and foreign countries are stepping up to help the affected areas. Water, food and clothes have been collected by area churches, as the Red Cross and other organisations have also been addressing the basic needs of the people in the flood zone.

As the area dries out, people will have to begin anew. In Croatia, most people neither have the funds nor home insurance, so many will be starting over from absolutely nothing as both homes and workplaces have suffered severe damage.


The media presence here is updating people all the time, and they are very loud, but as the media becomes silent and the land dries, many problems will begin to appear. These things will take time to rebuild.

Please continue to support Youth for Christ in Croatia, for the right ways to help a struggling nation as people begin to recover both physically, psychologically and spiritually. Donations can be made online by clicking here.