Canadian National Team Celebrates Year of Ministry

from Dave Brereton, National Director

The National team witnessed great things as they served our staff across Canada. We were encouraged as God allowed us to be a part of the following:

  • Some physical and spiritual needs were met in two young men in the Kawartha area.
  • Regina opened another U-Turn House for young men and women who are no longer able to live at home.
  • Dan Hungerford in Landmark, MB has had a very large number of kids coming to Christ and being discipled.
  • Edmonton has increased its ministry and mission capacity with the addition of a new Director of Operations, aiding the visionary Bill Rice to pursue a new youth centre in partnership with a downtown high school.
  • Winnipeg prepares to open its brand-new youth centre in the downtown area.


And, as we add up the numbers for 2011, we believe the Lord has allowed us to connect with some 200,000 teens and pre-teens across Canada. During the week of December 5th, Katy and I hosted our National team in Montreal. Our theme verse was “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters, these see the acts of the Lord and his wonders in the deep.” (Psalms 107:23).

Youth for Christ in Canada partners with government to assist homeless youth: U-Turn is a response to the needs of homeless youth between the ages of 16-18 to assist in their development from dependence to independence.

U-Turn was developed in 2000 by Youth for Christ in Brandon, MB, where 3 U-Turn homes are in operation. The U-Turn program has been able to move 60% of its youth to independence. It is not a group home but a semi-independent housing complex for youth.

U-Turn is the house parents’ home as well, which means they live alongside the youth. All tenants must apply to get into the U-Turn program and must want to be in the program and work on a personal development plan. Involvement in U-Turn requires individuals to be either working full-time, looking for employment or enrolled and participating in schooling and education.

Youth for Christ has a growing partnership with the Federal and Provincial Governments who continue to assist with capital and operational grants. As well as in Brandon, U-Turn homes are operating in Steinbach, Moose Jaw and Regina.