Camp Begins!

Lebanon Summer CampToday is the first day of the high school summer camp (the photo is from some of the first activities at camp).

  • Pray for the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg youth team (Buffalo, NY) who are helping lead the camp.
  • Pray for Maher and Samar who are the Camp Leader and Assistant Camp Leader and for Marc, who is leading the worship team.
  • Pray for the speaker John (YFC Regional Director) and the messages he will be giving & the discussion groups that will follow.

These are the themes of the messages for each day:

Day 1 (Tuesday): Know the Gospel
Day 2 (Wednesday): Love the Gospel
Day 3 (Thursday): Live the Gospel
Day 4 (Friday): Accept the Gospel
Day 5 (Saturday): Share the Gospel

Please remember to keep the young people attending camp as well as the team  in prayer this week!