Café Project Underway in Japan

From Endo Kazunori, Japan National Director

Youth for Christ in Japan has found a good place to start a café in the disaster area. A company in Osaka is willing to help the project by offering a house and some facilities for the project, which will enable the team to do some business there cooperating with local Christian workers and some of the local Youth for Christ staff.

The café will offer a good community space, and will serve as a place of worship on the weekends. Additionally, high school students will gather at the café to have some small events every month. There is also the potential to start some English classes, music events, weekly meetings and so on.

The rebuilding of the disaster area is very slowly. Youth for Christ aims not to simply replace what was there before, but to rebuild a new community.

Youth for Christ has already started Aichi Kibo Gakuen school. The six students (15-16 yrs) are doing very well; two of them have become Christians.

Thank you for praying that God will use the students mightily in the future. Pray also that Youth for Christ would be able to start another class next year, and start a Bible school for young teens. The aim of the Bible school is to teach the students how to read the Bible and apply it to their lives. The main purpose of this school is to raise young Christian leaders.