By Giving, You Receive

Last Spring, Youth for Christ in Moldova launched a project called “By Giving, You Receive,” aiming to motivate vulnerable families to work to obtain a good harvest and use this harvest also to bless others.

At that time,  62 families received 50 kg of potato seeds to be planted and cultivated in their own vegetable garden. After harvesting the crop the families were to bring 20 kg of potatoes to the day care centres which Youth for Christ oversees,  for the children to eat. The rest of the crop they were able to use to feed their families.

As a result, 57 families brought potatoes to the day care centre, many times more than the 20 kg requested – and they also had good harvests for themselves.

We hope this will be an encouragement for them to put more effort in growing crops to look after their children – and to you, our friends and supporters, that as you plant seeds with your prayers and financial gifts, God will multiply your gifts and bless you and others through the process.